Black Eagle Analytics & Data, LLC




Wish to create your own for-use cryptocurrency 2.0 with digital products from Black Eagle Analytics & Data LLC, with this man-in-the-loop creating and assigning by hand with permanent digital real estate?

Purchase or create a fictional entity with a bulk purchase of our BEAD QARC, human intervention, say 1000 for $30 each plus LLC through us with you as your agent, you the protected identity, where you may assign our BEAD Currency, whereby you may sell the LLC in bulk with all property, including redirects which are currently hiring human hours, a physical value of both the digital real estate plus however many redirects to each one have been assigned.

The base guaranteed currency, of course, will always be the $30 per BEAD QARC, but each BEAD QRC can have added material value on whatever physical real-life solid foundation of things, and additional value-added branding of follower retention of those QRC Things and followings have to be acquired, a digital currency plus sweat equity as your interest in potential returns purchase.


Our Capablities Our CEO/CIO Kindle Publications
Registered with: DUNS:117205228 SAM:V8ZHBE9GUCV1 NATO-CAGE:8FB34 TN-SUPPLIER:0000237885
LLC formation since 9/9/2019 Contact CEO/CIO directly Phone: (423)377-9155

Solicitors will be turned away, unless they are our customers first. Purchase a BEAD QARC.